Privacy Policy

  1. Before we start, are you over the age of 18?

Access to the website, from now on the website, is forbidden to people less than 18 years of age, unless they have prior and express authorization from their parents, tutors or legal representatives.

  1. About us.

The entity responsible for the treatment of the personal data through the web is HOSTERIAS RURALES DEL OESTE S.L., addressed at Calle Zurbano, 83, CP 28003, Madrid, and with C.I.F. B10273282.

You may communicate with us through the email or by telephone  +34 608809925, or also at the postal address mentioned before.

  1. What do we want to tell you with our Privacy Policy?

With our Privacy Policy we wish to inform you about everything related to the obtaining and treatment of the personal data through the website.

It is not only about complying with the Personal Data Protection Regulations, but also about stating in a clear and transparent way all the information we think is useful and necessary for you about the management of this personal information through the website.

  1. To whom is the Privacy Policy addressed?

The Privacy Policy is addressed to:

. The user: the person who accesses, browses, uses, or participates in the services and activities, whether free or paid, developed on the website.

. The user who contacts us or makes a reservation: the person who, as well as performing any or all of the above mentioned activities, sends us a contact communication and/or makes a reservation of one of our installations, services, activities, etc.

  1. What personal data do we obtain?

Before we go on, we would like you to know that according to the current regulation, personal data is any information which allows us to identify you, directly or indirectly.

In this case, the website, we group the information we obtain in the following categories:

. Data we request in the different forms published on the website at any time.

. Data we obtain pertaining to the booking or reservation of products or services through the website.

. Data we need to obtain to ensure you have given us your consent to obtain the relevant data in the above item.

. Data we obtain through cookies or similar.

The data requested on the website´s forms are generally obligatory (unless otherwise specified), to be able to fulfill the established purposes. Therefore, if they are not provided or are inaccurate, the activities requested may not be fulfilled, even though you will still be able to browse the website freely.

  1. With what purpose and legitimacy do we obtain personal data?
Purpose Legitimacy
Offer and Reservation of the product and services Execution of a contract or application of pre-contractual measures.
Providing answers to queries or providing requested information Legitimate interest of the user in obtaining answers to queries and/or requested information.

Follow up of requested products or services, and fulfillment of contracts with the registered user.

When the queries are received through the forms, express consent will be required.

When the queries are related to the exercise of rights or claims, the data will be handled respecting the legal regulations.

Providing information relating to functionality, changes, upgrades or updates. Fulfillment and management of a contract.
Communicating by electronic media or other, information and/or advertising of products and services. Express consent.
Complying with legal obligations (administrative, fiscal, accounting) Legal obligation.
Internal management purposes

Fraud prevention or

Ensuring the safety of the internet or the information

Legitimate interest.

For the execution of the above mentioned cases we will only request the information strictly necessary. At any time, different purposes may apply, but in every case and instance, only the essential data will be used or requested.

On the other hand, and as is logical, if a competent public administration entity, Court or Tribunal  requests information, we are obliged to provide it, as well as if a law requires us to provide information to a third party.

  1. For how long will we keep the data?

We will keep the information in accordance to the following criteria:

. Data obtained relating to an activity on the website will be kept as long as you are performing said activity (i.e. accessing the website, opening communication received, accessing content on the website, etc.). When you are no longer performing an activity for lengthy period of time (6 to 12 months) we will proceed to delete your data.

. With regard to data and information pertaining to the reservation of products and services through the website we will retain them for a period of 5 years from the time of termination of the business transaction with us, as required by civil and commercial regulations.

. With respect to the specific data which allows us to prove your consent of the treatment of data, by acceptance of the Privacy Policy, we will retain the information while you are performing activities on the website and 3 years after that, as required by the Protection of Data Regulation.

  1. What are your rights?

You have the right to access, rectify, suppress, oppose, as well as the  portability and limitation of treatment.

To exercise these rights you must address a written communication to the email address or to the postal address provided at the beginning of this text, referencing “Data Protection Rights”.

You are also entitled to revoke your consent at any time, for which you have three alternatives:

  • Address a communication to
  • If they are commercial communications you may use the means mentioned at the end of each one.
  1. What do we expect from you?

We only expect you to be responsible when sharing information. We cannot control or review the legitimacy of the information you provide, and therefore are not responsible or liable for any consequences derived from illegal, illegitimate, altered, misused, or fraudulent information provided and neither are we liable for sanctions resulting from your information.

In this respect, when you supply information, we understand you are guaranteeing they are accurate and true and are not from a third party. If they are of a third party, we understand you are providing them with their creditable consent for the established purpose.

  1. What if you don´t agree with something?

If you have any doubts, complaints, suggestions or any other claim about the treatment of the data on the website, you may address us at the aforementioned places. If you wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so. We are aware that the best way to improve is to listen and take into account your doubts, requests, and proposals.

In any case and every case you are also entitled to present a claim, at the time you see fit, before the Agencia Española de Proteccion de Datos (

  1. Can the Privacy Policy change?

Yes, the Privacy Policy can change in the future, for example due to changes in regulations, changes in the management of information, etc. If the changes will affect the way we treat your personal data, you will be notified beforehand so you may understand how it will affect you and make the decision to accept or not.

Version published on September 2019.