Legal Notice


  1. Introduction and company information

The following is the legal warning of the website (from now onwards the website) belonging to HOSTERIAS RURALES DEL OESTE, S.L. (from now onwards the owner), entity with registered offices at Calle Zurbano, 83, CP 28003, Madrid, and whose C.I.F. is B10273282. This entity is registered in the Registro Mercantil de Caceres, tome 587, Book 415, Folio 14, Section 8, Page CC-6694. To get in touch with us you may address us at the email or by telephone at the number +34 610 096 595.

  1. Object and scope of the application
    • The website has been established mainly to allow the users access to information about the owners products and services, and to be able to acquire said products or services.
    • Accessing, browsing and using this site entails and implies acceptance of this legal warning.
  2. Access
    • Access to the website is free. If there are products or services offered on the website which require payment, said payment will be determined by the corresponding general or specific conditions.
    • Access to the website is forbidden for anyone under the age of 14, unless they have authorization from their parents, tutors or legal guardians.
  3. Intellectual and Industrial Rights
    • The owner owns or has obtained the relevant license to operate the intellectual and industrial rights of this website, the computer sequences which allow it to work, as well as its content, the services and products available on it, its graphic design and the coding developed for its operation.
    • Under no circumstances will it be understood that access use of the website by the user, or the purchase of products or services through the website implies in any way the relinquishing, waiver or transfer of these rights.
  4. Use of the website
    • The content of this website is for people browsing on the web, or interested in acquiring the products and services offered by the owner. Any unauthorized use of the content is banned. Users are required to use the content in a diligent, correct and lawful way.
  5. Responsibility and guarantees

The owner does not guarantee or can be made responsible for: (i)The continuity of the content on the website; (ii) the absence of errors in the contents, products or services offered; (iii) the absence of malware or any other harmful components on the website; (iv) the invulnerability and/or impregnability of the security measures adopted; (v) the lack of utility or performance of the content, products or services on the website; (vi) damages caused to the person or third party  by any person who infringes on the conditions, rules and instructions that the owner established on the website or through the vulnerability of the security systems of the website.

  1. Links

7.1.  Links to other websites

If the user finds a link to another  website through the use of keys, links, banners,  etc. these will be handled by third parties, and the owner has no way of controlling, verifying or approving  the content, products or services offered by these third parties, therefore we cannot assume any responsibility  for the links.

7.2.         Links on other pages which connect to our website.

If any user, entity or website wishes to establish a connection with our website they must respect the following stipulations: (i) the link may be only to the main or home page of the website, unless they have obtained expressed and written authorization by the owner; and (ii) the link must be absolute and complete, that is to say, it must connect to the URL address of the website and fully encompass the main page or home page other website. The owner does not assume any responsibility for these links.

  1. Duration and modifications

8.1.                 The owner may modify the terms and conditions here stipulated, totally or partially, publishing any changes in the same way as it appears in this Legal Advice or through any other means of communication.

8.2.                 The temporal validity or this Legal Advice coincides with the time of its exhibition, until it is modified totally or partially.

  1. Generalities

9.1.         If there are any discreapncies between what is established in this Legal Advice and the general or particular conditions of each specific product or service, the latter will prevail.

9.2.         If any of the dispostions in this Legal Advice were to be considered null or inapplicable, in its entirety or partially by any court, tribunal or any relevant administrative body, said nullity will not affect the other dispositions in the Legal Advice.

9.3.        The non-exercise or non-execution by the owners of any rights or dispositions contained in this legal advice does not imply the relinquishing or waiver of them.

  1. Legislation and Jurisdiction

The relationships established between the owner and the users will be regulated by what is established by the applicable regulations and the competent jurisdiction. Nevertheless, if the regulations establish that the case must be submitted to a jurisdiction, the owner and user accept that they will present the case and or litigation to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

Version published in September 2019